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Meet Annette

Welcome! You have landed in the right place, at the right time, especially critical when someone in your family (or you, yourself) are aging, ailing or dying. I am here to let you know that whenever aging, ailing or dying occur, this triggers a major TRANSITION in the rhythm of your family dynamics when your loved ones are no longer independent.

Everything is now in rotation. You are now the parent. They are your children.

No one is immune, and these 3 groups are affected:

  • Families, who become unpaid Family Caregivers
  • Baby Boomers, who may be forced to put off their bucket lists, pet projects and traveling
  • Elders, who may hate relying on others as their bodies and minds are changing

You find you have few choices. You are delicately balancing many obligations, adding the care of your mom, dad or spouse, putting your life on-hold to care, nurture, feed, change diapers, take shifts, and offer emotional support. You are also forgetting to take care of yourself.

What I am about to tell you may be sobering. Each and every family will face these transitions and carrying out these interchangeable roles. It is not a matter of IF, but when.

This moment in time can be shocking or a celebration of our natural life cycle. More often, each and every event, development, stage of the journey when your loved ones are changing, can often look and feel like free-falling from a fast-moving jet.

I am here to offer a golden parachute, helmet, and safety net to you so you don’t crash and burn at the same time.

I am suggesting this can be EASY, A Joyful Journey, even though you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.
You can’t run and hide, although some think they can escape their family because of the stress from the weight of the world syndrome or denial.

No one knows the future and how aging, ailing and dying will look. We have to reorganize our mindset and our schedules to pay close attention, even though we are accustomed to instant gratification, quick clicks, and texting and emails.

Plus, you may be dying instead of thriving, per statistics that 60% of unpaid family caregivers can end up in the hospital before their loved ones according to the Alzheimers Association.

The only thing predictable is stress, which you CAN methodically turn into success.

Imagine landing gently on your feet and sitting squarely on a solid foundation.

At 72 years old, I, myself, am firmly rooted in all three groups:

1. I am a Baby Boomer – born in 1946
2. I am a Family Caregiver – I cared for my father in law who had Parkinson’s Disease
3. I serve Epic Elders – I am privileged and honored because I own 2 elder care homes for over 18 years. My residents are between 60s to 107 yrs. old.

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