Family Peace Is Important To Elders

You knew one day you and your family would be taking care of Mom or Dad. Yet, your family feels pinched; nothing is coordinated. Blame and guilt bubble up because you don’t know how to work as a care team.

Lack of agreement, finances and rivalry causes stress. Your own family and career commitments, and worries about your own declining health and welfare blur your roles as devoted daughter or son, wife, husband, mother or worker. This allconsuming situation takes a toll on everyone.

You are not alone. Many children caring for their elders bicker with siblings and feel frustrated and flustered trying to meet the needs of their elderly parents, children and spouses.

The sad reality is that elders crave attention from peaceful, cooperative family members, even if they aren’t in leadership roles. Therefore, sincerely getting along, giving up rivalry and healing past hurts become the foundation of family caregiving. Your loved one’s deepest desire is for you and your extended family to get along, treating one another with open hearts and kindness.

Sylvia Booth Hubbard reported on a United Healthcare survey showing that a positive attitude, diet and exercise all influence longevity. “… family was very important to them[elders], with 97 percent calling family a top priority.”

Successful family peacekeeping can bring you together before the “final goodbye.” Active healing methods and processes can allow your family to come to peace and give your aging loved one their greatest wish. It is possible, and it can happen — with effort, skill and focus.

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